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Modern Day Muscian - Research Paper Example


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Modern Day Muscian

He formed a songwriting partnership that was exceptionally popular and thriving. Music was affected with romantic revolution that swept the literature world (Blanchard & Acree, 183). The two artists worked exceptionally hard and extensively improved music industry. There were significant similarities and divergences on the historical period between Beethoven’s and Lennon’s music careers. Comparison on Historical Period The two artists existed in dissimilar centuries and historical periods. Beethoven began his musical career earlier than Lennon did, virtually because he was born before him. They lived in dissimilar societal settings that subsisted differently. At that epoch, man was inventing new ideas that would ease work. The development was also evidenced in the music world when Beethoven came up with nine symphonies and five piano concertos (Blanchard & Acree, 183). He majorly concentrated on romantic songs and composed orthodox music that influenced the appreciation of love songs. He influenced the populace to love and appreciate songs that pass indispensable message of romance to the masses. Conversely, Lennon came to existence much earlier in the twentieth century. The music world had experienced much of improvement since Beethoven passed away. Lennon came up with the rock style of music and was occupied in songwriting partnership that distorted the music panorama globally (Makela, 225). The historical period in which they existed was dissimilar from each other, and consequently prejudiced

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their compositions. Similarities The comparison that existed between Beethoven’s works of art and the historical period was that both composed songs that were sung using similar instruments. The piano was the main instrument used by two parties to make song enjoyable and fascinating to the public. The similarity that existed between Lennon’s works of art and historical period was that the songs passed the message of peace to public (Makela, 117). He also performed in groups which was a common thing done in the historical period. Another similarity was the instruments he used were comparable to those that were used in the historical period. He played different types of guitars such as Rickenbacker, Epiphone casino, and various models of Gibson and Fender guitars. Differences The dissimilarity that existed between Beethoven’s works of arts is that he resolute to perform unaccompanied while historically, they performed and composed songs in groups (Blanchard & Acree, 184). The groups that worked mutually to sing included the church choir. Beethoven decided to do things oppositely and composed songs independently, sponsoring himself with the minimal money he had remunerated. He managed his works individually and encouraged the populace to be more proactive towards their talents. Another distinction is that Beethoven composed a new brand of music with a dissimilar format of singing such as the introduction of a chorus. His composition of music became exceptionally trendy despite its initial disparagement. The dissimilarity that existed between Lennon’s works of art is that he revolutionized the sound, attitude and style of music. He sang with passion and showed that music can be used as a tool to change the society. Initially, in periodic history, music was used for entertainment purpose. Lennon pioneered rock music, which revolutionized the music industry. Influence from tradition period Beethoven was predisposed and motivated by his


Name Instructor Task Date Comparison between Beethoven and John Lennon Musical Career Introduction Ludwig Van Beethoven is among the most trendy and radical song composers in music history. He was born in 1770 in a miniature city known as Bonn and died in March 1827…
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Modern Day Muscian essay example
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