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John Lennon: Romantic Era

Therefore, the knowledge from the life and personality of the poet plays a vital role in comprehending his/her work. All writers, irrespective of being political or not, have exhibited a strong belief in the ultimate rejuvenation of the man kind. Thus, the Romantic imagination was used to achieve this rejuvenation. Since it is regarded as the higher faculty than the analytical, imagination attains unity even through multiplicity and develops new wholes through dispersed pragmatic fragments. Such a form of romantic imagination is considered as important, organic, intuitive, as well as plastic as it agitates the dead or the inorganic. A vital aspect of this rejuvenation is the separation of the body from the spirit. Those who are well-acquainted with the lyrics and the life story of John Lenon have by now, probably cogitated numerous instances of his songs and events that related John’s work to the above stated concepts. It is evident from the John’s songs, such like the "There's A Place", "Strawberry Fields", "#9 Dream” and many more, that his work is greatly infused in to his inner gaze. Political activism and commentary over current affairs was a part of John’s endeavors with the Beatles and as a solo artist. ...
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Your Name Professor Name Music 28 November 2011 John Lennon: Romantic Era John Lenon was widely recognized as the best lyricist. Since he was the master of expressing feelings in to words, he would best fit in to the romantic era. John had the potential to develop an inner gaze along with egotism, subjectivity and withdrawal (Urish and Bielen, 2007)…
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