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Apex Hides the Hurt: Branding Advertising, Culture and Folkmusic - Essay Example

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Apex Hides the Hurt: Branding Advertising, Culture and Folkmusic

This "Apex Hides the Hurt: Branding Advertising, Culture and Folkmusic" outlines this book and similarities between creation a folk music and branding. Musician Bob Dylan in his work Chronicles discusses the idea of telescoping which involves taking a large problem or situation and creating a paragraph or verse of a song in which the problem is expressed.
Branding is a similar activity in that the point of creating a brand is to find a way to express a point of view in relationship to a product in a memorable way that creates a high impact. Branding and creating folk music are activities that require the same type of skills, but are done for a variety of meanings with differing values within a cultural construction. The novel Apex Hides the Hurt explores meaning and value as it examines the experiences of a man who consults in creating brands. When explored through the idea of folksongs, the character is using similar skills of the folksong writer in order to create meaning and both create and reflect society through condensed ideas. One of the newest skills of the late 20th and 21st centuries has been to be able to take complex ideas and boil them down into a word or phrase that will express the important points of an object, ideology, or individual. Using phrases in this manner provides for short, impressive moments where something of value is communicated. The ‘elevator pitch’ is one of the more important ideas in entrepreneurial development in that it is a short presentation, in which an entire idea must be communicated. ...
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This essay describes the "Apex Hides the Hurt" novel by American author Colson Whitehead. Defining the meaning of an activity in relationship to the action of the activity can be looked at as two unrelated concepts. What is done and why it is done can be very different. …
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