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Positive Influence of Hip-Hop - Essay Example

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This music generally educated and shed light on issues that related or affected life for example violence through promoting a message of peace among the Americans. Hip- hop was used as a means of passing grievances and also by people who wanted to raise their views to the public. Some hip- hop songs tried to show the seriousness and effects of using drugs and it also spread communal messages across the country to inform people on what was happening in the ghetto life. In addition, hip-hop music has been a means of expression of the minority. Its main aim is to raise voices for the youths alienated and show that they also have positive impacts in helping the community. Moreover, those people who are mistreated silently and they have no-one whom they can share their problems with are considered by the hip- hop music. In addition, graffiti which is also associated with this genre of music renders a means of unconventional means expression. Hip hop also encourages its listeners who are mostly youth to never give up in life and to push on and they will succeed in spite of the problems they are facing. Thus, hip-hop culture has had a positive influence of being the voice of those who are rendered helpless and voiceless by their status either due to hardships, race etc. Hip- hop has endorsed acute thinking on issues that the media find sensitive or fear to raise to the public. It has been used as tool for activism against vices in the society. In the United States of America Hip- hop has really tried in the elimination of racism. Hip- hop dancing moves have been used to eliminate violence. Due to gender inequality in America, hip-hop has been promoting issues affecting gender equality by making sure that the people concerned with issues of gender got the significance (Dines and Humez 2010). This has led to tremendous improvement in our current society whereby gender inequality has drastically reduced. Hip hop opposed lawbreakers and other groups which are not legalized. It did play a big role in enhancing young African American youths to break the poverty strings and grow financially. Moreover, it offered them a way of expressing themselves and a way out for several teenagers, instead of opting to be identified with the gangs. The hip- hop dancing parties encouraged the youths not to spend most of their time in the streets idling, but to attend the parties and have a moment of entertainment. Through hip-hop as an alternative to fighting in gangs the youths could break-dance against one another. Consequently, this led to decrease in the number of gangs who robbed people so as to get money for survival. Thus, hip-hop has played a key role in fighting gang life and culture in our society. Hip-hop developed the aptitude to outdo and eradicate language barricades among the American communities creating a sense of commonality. This is because slang language which is used mostly hip hoppers has become the language of the street nowadays. Slang language is also referred to as Ebonics or Black English This slang language has brought a sort of language unity in the streets irrespective ones ethnicity, i.e. hip hoppers speak common language -slang- but they may be of different race and language. Moreover, as a ...Show more


Hip - hop music can be defined as means of musical countenance and a way living-culture-which was started by African- American and Latino societies. It is the most popular music type in American modern society but it started being liked in the1970s. This music has been associated with inclination to violence and aggression irrespective of the fact that some hip- hop music are meant to pass a positive messages such as those relating to religion, people’s living conditions and politics…
Author : dickensnewell
Positive Influence of Hip-Hop
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