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Name Instructor Course Date Darius Jones trio concert at the Undead Jazz Festival, 2011 The stage for this particular concert was New York City .This formed part of the 2011 Undead Jazz fest, an annual event that hosts jazz musicians and artists, where jazz musical ideas are shared.


Saturday, the 25th day of June was the date when Darius Jones trio took to the podium to dazzle the crowd with their jazz pieces (Lavelle 12). The scene for the Undead Jazz Festival was spread across different venues throughout New York City. This was not a brilliant idea as there was confusion on where and when the individuals and groups would play with some missing out on the action due to this. Over fifty jazz groups braced the event much to the surprise of the organizers and eleven venues were picked for each night during this year’s festival. Le Poisson Rounge, Kenny‘s Castaways, Sullivan Hall was picked as the opening venue in Manhattan scheduled for June 23rd. The Bell House in Park Slope, Brooklyn hosted the events of June the 24th and Public Assembly, Cubana Social, Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn hosted the events of June the 26th.Darius Jones trio was scheduled to perform at Littlefield, Homage Skate Park and cross fit gym in Gowanus, Brooklyn (Lavelle 23). The stage at Homage Skate Park training facility was improvised and the acoustics were not as brilliant as expected. Plenty of unwarranted reverb was experienced with an occasional echo and feedback. This did not stop the 3,500 people in attendance from enjoying the music. ...
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