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concert review - Essay Example

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When I told my friend that I had received an assignment to attend a concert and report on it, she became very excited and insisted I come with her to what she called a “trance concert”. Although I was unfamiliar with what a trance concert was, she described it is a branch…

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concert review

What I experienced was not what I had expected.
Upon first entering the concert I was immediately shocked by the people that I saw there. I had expected a lot of people that might go to a rave. I had expected that there might be a great deal of drug use among the concert goers. However, this was not the case. The person that felt the most out of place at the concert was defiantly me. I had quickly chosen my wardrobe for what might be co considered appropriate dress to a rock concert or any other form of traditional pop music concert. I had on jeans, a flannel shirt, and flip flops. However, the first thing I realized is that I was severely under dressed. Most of the concert goers I was greeted with had business or formal attire. As such, the concert provided a level of sophistication that my stereotypes had not predicted.
Likewise, when the music started I was also surprised. I had expected driving beats and searing electronic sounds that categorized “techno” music as I understood it; however, what my ears were greeted by was anything but that. The DJ worked to mix the melodic female vocals with a variety of themes; none of which relied exclusively upon the driving bass that I had previously incorrectly labeled the performance. Likewise, the music was not what I would categorize as dance music. Due to the emphasis on melodic/upbeat lyrics, the music gave an ethereal quality to the experience; doubtless this is one of the reasons why the genre is called “trance”. In this way, I cannot say that I hated the style. Although it was something that I was not used to, I found myself enjoying the progressions and positivity that the music engendered.
Furthermore, due to the dream-like state that the music induces, it was a shock to me when I realized how the time had flown by and it was already time to go home. If there was one thing that I could change about the concert it would ...
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