To What Extent Did The X Factor Alter The Distribution of Popular Music?

To What Extent Did The X Factor Alter The Distribution of Popular Music? Coursework example
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Impact of the X-Factor on the Distribution of Popular Music Insert Name Insert Name of Learning Institution 14 December 2011 Outline I. Introduction to the Paper II. Background to the X-Factor program a. Program concept b. Production stages c. Key players d.


“Prefabricated celebrities” b. Upsetting of traditional music distribution systems c. Globalization of distribution channels d. Commercialization of entertainment V. Conclusion I. Introduction Over the last decade, reality shows have been the most popular programs on television. This phenomenon is not restricted to the United States or the UK, but is a universal phenomenon. There seems to be a correlation between the emergence of reality TV as a force, and the universal uptake of the internet (Butje, 2005). The X-Factor provides an interesting case study relating to the impact of reality TV on the lifestyle of people across the world. The show started in the UK and then spread to other countries. There are various franchises of the show in different countries across the world. The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of the X-Factor on the distribution of popular music. The best records relating to the show come from the UK since this is where the show has been running for the longest time. The other significant market for the show is the United States. This paper will focus on the impact of the show on distribution of music in the UK. II. Background to the X-Factor Program a. Program Concept The basic idea behind reality TV is the creation of a real life environment for people to carry out an activity when being filming. Most of the activities are competitive in nature. ...
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