Composers: Franz Joseph Haydn

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Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Date of Submission Composers Introduction Franz Joseph Haydn commonly known by the names Joseph Haydn is a classical composer of Australian origin. He remains one of the most prominent and prolific composers of classical music in the Classical period.


His early life was marked by a young but outstanding music career with his earliest career being a court musician of Esterhazy family. It was his isolation from other trends and composers in music in his career that led to his work being original and unique. Haydn insists that the situation around him forced him to be original. By the time he met his fate, Haydn was considered to be among the most celebrated music composers all over Europe. Those around him also contributed to his remarkable career. Michael Haydn who was his brother was a highly regarded composer as well as Evangelist Haydn, who was a tenor (Landon 39). Other historical figures that played a big part in Haydn’s career include Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, who was his teacher. It is arguably said that no other composers whether in history or modern times came close to his combination of quality, production and the important historical genres associated with his compositions. Haydn Character and Structure of Music Haydn music is characteristic of very simple and short musical motifs of its larger structure that was mostly gotten from accompanying figures that were standard. The music in most cases, was formally concentrated in making the most desirable and important musical events of the music movement to unfold quickly. ...
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