The Life and Work of Joseph Hayden

The Life and Work of Joseph Hayden Essay example
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The life and work of Joseph Hayden Joseph Hayden is one of the towering figures in the classical period of Western Music and is credited with such innovations as the creation of the Symphony, the String Quartet, the piano trio and the sonata form – all which still find application by musicians today.


Hayden was by all accounts a healthy, fun loving person equally loved by friends and admirers, and his works are known for their humor with several false endings and the occasionally chord that stands out above the rest. He died a celebrity, though born in humble settings. Music came his name, fame and considerable wealth. The performance of the Creation, organized in his honor the year before he died was attended by the who’s who of European music as well several members of the aristocracy. This paper is an exposition of his life and work and is the author’s tribute to one of the greatest composers of the western world. The classical period of western music is widely considered to be between 1750 and 1830; and followed by the Baroque period that began circa 1600. The classical period is thus named due to the general adulation for classical antiquity, particularly Ancient Greece, that permeated all creative fields such as Art, Architecture and the sciences. There was a general appreciation for grandeur and the preference for simplicity and homophony over the polyphony of the Baroque period. While Bach was one of the leading maestros of the previous era, the classical period will bear the names of Hayden and Mozart. ...
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