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Song and Songwriters: The Journey inside to find your Music - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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Song and Songwriters: The Journey inside to find your Music Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Song and Songwriters: The Journey inside to find your Music Human beings are distinctive creatures that are unique and totally different from animals worldwide…

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Song and Songwriters: The Journey inside to find your Music

In this context, therefore, it is justified to argue that sounds matter a great mile in the lives of human beings (Jones, 2008). Human beings tend to respond differently to sounds around them, as compared to animals. Levitin (2008) indicates that, at times, animals hardly respond to the sound of good music. This paper will endeavor to reflect this journey from the songwriter’s point of view of composing songs that individuals find themselves. The explanations will be based on a psychological perspective whereby, music has over the years been indicated to have a healing power. According to Levitin (2008), music by human beings is created and organized well before it comes up. Animals, on the other hand, are known for their attributes of producing sounds that re unplanned. In his work, he indicates that frogs croak, birds chip but all, an indication of the adaptations that various beings ascribe to music (Said, 2009). From the lyrics of Paul Simon and Neil Young, it is apparent that it is only in human beings that, the possibility of determining what comes next on a group of lyrics is possible (Williamson, 2002). In this context, therefore, it is evident that, music works together with the functioning of the brain, thus creation of sensible lyrics by individuals. On another view point, Levitin (2008) continues to elaborate the fact that, music is vital for development and evolvement of man from one stage to another. ...
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