Mashup, remix, fandom, intertextuality, music simulacrum

Mashup, remix, fandom, intertextuality, music simulacrum Essay example
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Encyclopedia Entries Mashup Mashup is a music term that refers to skilful blending of two or more songs to achieve a new coherent composition, usually featuring various music genres. Another terms for a mashup are blend, bootleg, smashup, bastard pop, powermix, cutup and crossover.


While the notion of a mashup as a 21st century novelty appears viable, the roots of a mashup can be traced to the early 20th century. The installation of Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel in1913 where he combined a stool with a bicycle wheel was a physical symbol for mashup (Levay 22). A mashup is “a fun and adventurous way to make something fresh out of something stale” (Gaylor web). Music mashup characteristics are additionally attributed to musicque concrete, a form of music which evolved in the 1940s, where compositions were not limited to sounds from musical instruments (McLeod 81). The music community have come to a strong consensus on the origin of a mashup. They agree that part of the remix culture (Mashup) originated from Jamaica in the early 1950s Arguably, a remix is an umbrella term encompassing mashup among other music compositions. It is when Jamaican selectors or disc-jockeys composed first metatexts by playing live a series of records in the same key, tempo or theme. This gave grounds for the emergence of hip hop DJs several decades later (Brewster and Broughton 254; Levay 22) Ironically, these roots seem to contradict Sinnreich’s observation that a mashup is associated with white European logic as opposed to the Afro-diasporic hip-hop genre (Sinnreich 195-9). ...
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