Musical Works of Composers from Different Eras

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name of institute Music – My Generation A Comparative Analysis of Musical Works of Composers from Different Eras Name of Author [Pick the date] Introduction: The two musical pieces that we choose to compare and contrast spanning two different eras fall under the Genre of Opera.


Die Soldaten by Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1957): Die Soltaden has heavy influences of sharp and vigorous vocal routines. It is less gradual in flow and composure as compared to La Traviata. It is free of a particular rhythm or tempo as is the case of La Traviata, where most of the composition is bound by a tempo or a meter. Die Soldaten’s audio quality is superior due to the advanced technology available then and better recording techniques. This piece is a more dramatic composition different from La Traviata. It depicts extreme human emotions as that of fear, outrage and aggression. Die Soldaten requires 16 singing and 10 speaking roles apart from one hundred piece orchestra involving instruments ranging from stringed-instruments, to wind instruments, and unusual folk percussion instruments. It is bounded by the strict 12 tone music and exhibits a high degree of complexity despite its detailed design for a stage performance. Die Soldaten uses superior technology like, film screens, projectors, tape recorders and loudspeakers in addition to special effects. ...
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