Efforts of African Americans to Rejuvenate African Musical Roots

Efforts of African Americans to Rejuvenate African Musical Roots Research Paper example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Efforts of African Americans to Rejuvenate African Musical Roots The African American’s culture has been through many transformations. The culture belongs to people who moved from Africa to serve as slaves in America in the Dark Age when slavery was rampant.


The African Americans faced racism and its saddening effects during slavery. Even years after slavery, racism has been rampant in America. During the slavery period, Africans were an inferior minority group (Brown 24). These Africans did not preserve their African musical culture and absorbed new aspects from the other cultures. The black American music experience fused with aspects from other cultures became different from the original music. During slavery, Africans lacked the freedom to play their music. African music has unique rhythms and beats of drums. The drums were an abomination during slavery among the whites. Only Caribbeans and Latinos allowed Africans living among them to drum. African music is expressive and the black Americans embarked on new genres of music. These new genres were jazz, blues, and later rock and roll. African slaves had the freedom to perform their usual rituals. The song and dance in these rituals had erotic aspects that they expressed in the new genres. Blues had an African aspect and were expressional songs that helped African Americans express the emotions of their experiences and hope for the future (Brown 25). African American music that evolved was rich in west-African aspects and other European aspects. ...
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