Rock and Roll.

Rock and Roll. Assignment example
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Elvis Presley.
According to some critics, the song “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley precipitated the social, cultural, and generational upheaval in the 1950s and 1960s. The song was overly famous, selling over 4million copies and topping the Rhythm and Blues, Pop, and Country and Western charts (Bennett 14).


The cultural phenomenon associated with the song is undeniable, but a close analysis of the music content exposes negligible evidence of explicit or revolutionary intents. The thrusting, shaking, and gyrating dance moves by Presley when performing this song were seen as fostering destructive and negative reactions to youths.
The song has a twelve-bar blues, carefully structured to enhance dancing, particularly with the quick tempo. The song has a constant backbone thanks to the double bass present in the guitar solo and the chorus section. The drumming is just perfect. It is unadorned and simple; purposely and concisely striking on the song beats prior to blasting into machine-gun burst at every verse-end, revealing to the listener the beginning of a subsequent twelve bars. The lead guitar solo also encourages the listeners to dance due to its simple and rhythmic nature, and with the added advantage of not distracting the beat. The rhythm from the guitar is superb, as it provides a driving, compelling impetus. Moreover, the guitar rhythm plays at nine bars of the twelve bar pattern (Bennett 15). Simultaneously, strutting riff plays, adding the body and depth of the magnificent twelve bar pattern, and when its play stops, its absence reflects a certain conspicuous. ...
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