Miles Davis: Life of a Musical Legend

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Miles Davis: Life of a Musical Legend [YOUR NAME HERE] [YOUR UNIVERSITY NAME HERE] Abstract Miles Davis is to jazz as Julia Child is to cooking. A true magician behind the microphone, his life and career have not failed to touch those who love the performance of many genres, including jazz, where his roots lay in listening to, and playing with Dizzie Gillespie and Charlie “Bird” Parker, to rock, fusion, funk, and even in the latter stages of his career, rap and hip-hop music.


From those that influenced him to those that he influenced, and everything in between, Miles Davis worked magic. At times daring, at times romantic, the legend of Miles Davis cannot be summed up in mere words. Miles Davis: Life of a Musical Legend Introduction The life of musician Miles Davis was extraordinary, to say the least. It was so profound that it has been marked by most not by the dates of his birth and death, but by the periods of music that he produced and the influences that he had on other musicians. These influences in and of themselves were so great that they are still felt throughout various genres of modern music today. His career spanned six decades, and became so profound that even today his music transcends time and space to bring listeners to their knees. His contributions to music have outlived his life, and the power that he held when he aspired to make music actually made magic for thousands over his lifetime and will continue to live on, quite possibly forever. Miles Dewey Davis III began life not as a legend, but as just another child. He was born in Alton, Illinois, but raised in East St. Louis (Sony Music Entertainment, 2012). ...
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