Distributing and Marketing Music Albums

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Other name (s) Course Instructor’s name Course Code Date of Submission Distributing and Marketing Music Albums My presentation will primarily focus on how we will be able to distribute and market our newly released music album which has just been recorded.


With our band having successfully recorded the new Album, our next step is to decide on how to effectively distribute and market our music so that everybody will get to know our new release. Generally there are a number of ways through which we can distribute our albums. One way would be to use physical distribution agencies such as CD baby. Although we may be forced to incur some costs such as the cost of shipping the CDs, the use of physical distributers is quite effective and it will certainly enable our band to sell higher volumes of albums than any other music album distribution methods. Alternatively we can use the online distributers such as Amazon. The primary advantage of using Amazon and the other online distributers is that it will allow our band to post some editorial reviews alongside albums on sale and the customers will also be able to post their personal comments and reviews. Consequently apart from the fact that online distributers like Amazon may guarantee huge sales because they have large customer bases, this distribution option enables our band to understand their customers perception with regard to the newly launched Music album by analyzing their reviews. We will however have to contend with a few limitations of this option such as the high annual fees that these distributers often charge which can sometimes goes as high as 55% per each album sold. We can also choose to physically distribute our albums by ourselves. ...
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