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Name Professor Course Date Introduction Korea holds magnificent musical traditions that have developed and regarded to have western aspects. In the Korean context, the most prevalent musical styles are the court, countryside and temple repertoires. The repertoires comprise of a reserves of highly cultured musical styles that have become treasured for an extended period.


These sources offer more information pertaining to the music that was prevalent in the early days, although this has transformed over time making the present music contemporary in comparison to that from the ancient times. Currently, various groups have developed to direct to Kpop that has appreciably brought out transformations of the ancient music to music in the contemporary world (Allkpop). The attributes of this music give it the attributes of modern musical styles that bear no relation to the musical styles in the ancient times. Despite many transformations over the years, certain aspects of the old musical styles still exist to the current time. In accordance to Korean prosperous musical records that extended up to the fifteenth century, approximately six sources still exist. They hold over one hundred composers that offer the musical advancement within the Korean context a point of references. Korean music attracts interest to all people who may be students, musicians and musicologist from different regions around the globe. This is because it presents some charm and beauty that is absent in most musical genres presented by other cultures. ...
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