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History of Contemporary Music (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract Music is a form of art, which affects the autonomy of its expression that strives to deconstruct itself from the conventional servitude to the word, which is the creation of modern, artistic or music for that matter (Devereux, 1991).


Just as other terms that confine the artistic vocabulary like neoclassicism and totalitarianism, this category is forming arguments and a spread of various approaches and clear distinction. Contradictory to the globalization explanations that talk about a new age of the post historical. This essay will consider the age of the post modern music as an aesthetic paradigm that is illustrated by a specific type of music and focused on one musician, Neil Young. This will show the deconstruction that these expressions are carried out in both the historical accounts and the concepts of pure music, which features in the modern music. Contemporary History of Music: Neil Young The history of contemporary music can be summed up as modernism, which was featured in the twentieth century between the years 1900 and 1950, which was followed by post modernism from 1960 till present. This is one of the many comprehensions of contemporary music and other deductions are simply possible. By the year 1970, the term rock and roll had become almost meaningless, because it saw the break up of the rock and roll groups like the Beatles and death of the king of rock, who was significant influences on the genre. However, this era saw the rise of an influential young musician, Neil Young. Young became one of the most soughted after musicians of that era. ...
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