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Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the most influential composers of the Late Baroque German School of Music. Lutheran Church Music was at its highest in 1650-1750 (Grout 362). The Organ also was also well developed as an instrument whereas other instruments still had many transformations to go through before reaching today's standards (Grout 373).


The Baroque period of music stretched from the 17th to the 18th century. J.S. Bach was a contemporary of Telemann and Vivaldi. He would influence Mozart and Beethoven. This period produced the many forms of music that we know today. The music, chosen for this paper, will show the diversity of Bach's compositional abilities. It will also be shown how his music has influenced other composers. His composition gave early examples of the symphony, the cantata and the fugue. Fugues and Symphonic are forms which were carried over to the classical period. John Sebastian Bach came from a family of musicians. He was born in 1685 in Eisenach and died in 1750 in Leipzig. It is important to note that his brother Johann Christian, who was also a well established musician, had studied with Johann Pachelbel, a famous composer. His Pachelbel’s Canons are well known. J.S. Bach married two times, fathered 20 children and trained his children to be musicians. When Bach's father died, J.C. Bach took over his musical training. He studied piano, organ and violin. His first courses in composition were given by his brother when he was a child. In essence, J.C. Bach was J.S. Bach's first teacher. From 14-17 years of age, he studied in Luneber, where he sang in the school choir. ...
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