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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Concert Critique 2 Concert critique and analysis is one of the major or crucial areas of study in most matriculation centers where film and theatre studies are learned. Jazz music is one of the song branches characterized by live performances.


The first analysis is on the song “For an angel.” The musical instruments are trumpet, piano, saxophone, and clarinet. The song has a high tempo, high texture, and high melody and high and rising tone tone. Just like other several songs, it has the rhythmic element in it. The style of music employed in the song is soft rock. The vocal style used in the song is clear spoken in a manner the blends well with the song’s rhythm. The main thematic concern of the song is on the existing or nature of time (Ann 123). Dyke talks of different times in human life. For instance, he talks of time to let go and a time to hold on. The tempo in the song is medium. It is not too fast, nor too slow. The beats are managed in a way that enables blend well with the rhythm of the song making the song clear, in its message. The costumes of the artist are a black shirt and black trouser. The staging of the singer is on a podium. The shooting of the video makes him appear to be moving across the podium from left to right and vice versa. A large part of the song mixes music, light, and motion using electrical control. The musicians were well prepared since the song achieved all the musical elements and styles in an efficient manner. The song is quite entertaining and has a message too. This is evidence that the musicians had a good command to the instruments (Ann 103). The song acted as an informative device to me. ...
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