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Music therapy Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Music is an art involving sound and silence. The sound should have a pitch, a rhythm, dynamics, a timbre, and texture. Music has to be created and performed, and it should have significance; of which all differ from one culture to another.


there is no noise. While Jean-Jacques, a musicologist, added by saying that cultural definition in the border between music and noise. Music is an art with a strong connection with mathematics. On the other hand, musical therapy is a health profession. It is an interpersonal process where the therapist, who is trained personnel, develops a relationship with his clients using music and all of its facets i.e. physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and aesthetic aspects, enabling them to improve their health. They use musical experiences such as singing, song writing, and listening, free improvisation, discussing to music and even moving to music to improve the healing process. The health issues in subject consist of cognitive functioning, emotional and affective development, behavioral and social skills, motor skills and, the quality of life. Music therapists can work in general hospitals, psychiatric facilities, schools, prisons, community centers, universities and training institutes. Music therapist is in the hospital setup; work hand in hand with the physicians, psychologists, physical therapists and the occupational therapists. ...
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