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This paper gives detailed analysis of three pop culture songs, which are critical towards shaping persons behavior and attitude. The songs have significantly contributed to change of behavior and eradication of unethical human practices; for example, racism, salary and drug abuse.


In particular, the paper explores sweet home Alabama (SHA) that was produced with strong massage to ensure eradication of racism and slavery in various states. It recognized the imperativeness of building coherent societies, which embraces quality values in life. Similarly, lynard skynard provides sufficient information towards drug abuse eradication, which threatened to paralyze economic performance and social cohesion in various states including southern states. Various individuals who assert its relevance in building vibrant societies with superior ethical values have accepted its noble ideals. Consequently, the paper also gives an analysis of southern man Alabama song, which similarly communicated appropriate massage on racism with an aim of ensuring its eradication. Comparative and contrasting elements of the songs have also been discussed together with the songs significance to southerners. Introduction Music is a critical element in human life, which provides educative, entertainment and social messages. Critically, it has played a crucial role in developing human behaviors in various facets of life towards building sustainable and cohesive societies. There are various categories and types of music, which are produced to convey definite and intended information to various individuals. ...
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