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In particular, the paper explores sweet home Alabama (SHA) that was produced with strong massage to ensure eradication of racism and slavery in various states. It recognized the imperativeness of building coherent societies, which embraces quality values in life. Similarly, lynard skynard provides sufficient information towards drug abuse eradication, which threatened to paralyze economic performance and social cohesion in various states including southern states. Various individuals who assert its relevance in building vibrant societies with superior ethical values have accepted its noble ideals. Consequently, the paper also gives an analysis of southern man Alabama song, which similarly communicated appropriate massage on racism with an aim of ensuring its eradication. Comparative and contrasting elements of the songs have also been discussed together with the songs significance to southerners. Introduction Music is a critical element in human life, which provides educative, entertainment and social messages. Critically, it has played a crucial role in developing human behaviors in various facets of life towards building sustainable and cohesive societies. There are various categories and types of music, which are produced to convey definite and intended information to various individuals. Ideally, there is gospel music, love music that conveys love massages, hip-hop music and pop culture music which relays deep-rooted information towards shaping up cultural practices among societies. Most leaders and scholars affirm that music especially pop culture music has facilitated drastic transformation in human behavior. They assert that such informative songs have the capacity to transform ancient cultural practices and beliefs to conform to modern life practices. Variably, music provides basic ways of nurturing noble human character through systematic communication of information. Various songs take diverse dimensions and themes, which is majorly determined by definite information to be communicated. Songwriters and producers consider moral influences of their songs towards transformation of individual’s lifestyle which vital towards modernity. This paper explores musical pieces sang and produced by various pop artists and how they have influenced various individuals lifestyle in the southern state. Song analysis This section provides detailed analysis of three pop culture songs which includes sweet home Alabama (SHA), Lynard skynard and southern man" and "alabama which were profoundly sung by various artists with acute determination to instill admirable human practices for effective cohesion. It also highlights the songs comparativeness and basic elements applied in their production1. The songs have widely been accepted by various individuals due to their educative and entertaining nature, which is critical towards ensuring achievement of their purposes2. Critically, the songs adopted various themes with sweet home Alabama adopting universal theme that sought to eradicate racism and slavery in various societies including southern states. Lynard skynard adopted drug liberation, which is asocial theme with a strong focus to fight drug addiction, which has become a prevalent aspect influencing performance in various societies. Its mission has been received well with most individuals embracing its drug free concept as a pillar that ensures mutual coexistence and performance in various areas, in humanity3. Consequently, southern man" and "alabama song also adopted social and economic theme, which relays sufficient information with requisite capacity to advance social and economic settings in humanity. The songs out rightly provides quality information based on life ideals and attitude ...Show more


This paper gives detailed analysis of three pop culture songs, which are critical towards shaping persons behavior and attitude. The songs have significantly contributed to change of behavior and eradication of unethical human practices; for example, racism, salary and drug abuse. …
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Music essay example
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