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Name Professor Course Date What is Bach’s relationship to the very lengthy Baroque era of Western Art music? Profile his technical achievements as a composer and relate them to at least 2 specific genres. Baroque originated from Portuguese word barroco. It is one of the affluent and the most varied periods in the history of music.


In music, the difference among the nations is not only how the music was arranged, but also in performance. Bach used to write some cantatas, for instance, he did not do this because he found it to be motivating, but because the church of Leipzig had employed him. At St. Thomas, he composed over 200 church cantatas. In Germany, the music they formed in Lutheran church slowly became mingled with oratorio. The oratorio zeal ended in the good works of Bach. In the eighteenth century, Bach and Handel composed a number of concertos for harpsichord and his works in the orchestra included Brandenburg Concretos, orchestral suites and harpsichord concertos, which is one of the genres he made up. He achieved a lot in his choral works (Grout, Burkholder and Palisca 59). Bach achievement lied in the creation and progress of the initial contrapuntal idiom. He also expanded the vocal and recognized frame works of exemplary schools. His other achievement is his production of organ music that is thought to be one of the important heritages of compositions. His solo music with the keyboard was also highly esteemed. The genres that are related to his achievement were cantatas and oratorios. Beethoven is often understood as a bridge between the Classical and Romantic eras, not quite belonging to either. ...
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