Beethoven' Symphony vs. Steve Lawrence Song

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Beethoven’s Symphony vs. Steve Lawrence Song Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Germany in 1770, and lived until 1827. He was a composer and a pianist. He attended a music school when he was still a young child. His father was also in the same profession where he was the music instructor and later the music director at the prince elector’s palace in Bonn, Germany.


An example is the first six string quartets that he used to compose his first symphony between 1798 and 1800. These symphonies were published as contrasted to Steve Lawrence songs, which were recorded, as we shall see later. In his symphonies, we can see strength of character, depth of emotion, level of originality, and ingenuity of motivic and tonal manipulation. It was during this period that he composed the Symphony No. 5, Allegro Con Brio. This symphony was performed together with the sixth symphony at a theater in Vienna. According to the people, Ludwig van Beethoven was the most influential composer. He solitary unbolted the way for the Romantic Era in classical music, by pervading new principles into the prevailing forms that he inherited from the Classical Era. The Symphony number 5, is in C minor and was composed between 1804 and 1808. This symphony comprises of four movements. These include an opening sonata, an andante, and a fast scherzo and attacca to the end. this symphony is scored for piccolo, two clarinets in B flat C, two oboes, two flutes, two bassoons, contrabassoon, 2 horns in E flat C, two trumpets, 3 trombones which included alto, tenor, and bass in fourth movement only, timpani which was in G-C and strings. ...
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