Beethoven Symphony 5" Allegro Con Brio"

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Beethoven Symphony N°5 1st Movement 'Allegro con brio' The 5th symphony was started in 1804 and finished in 1808. It was a commissioned piece. It is part of Beethoven's late period. His deafness had started as one can hear by the lack of pianissimos in the symphony.


Two performances have been taken from YouTube in order to compare the difference styles of interpretation. The exposition section introduces the famous four note motif which is often referred to as the "fate motif". Throughout this movement the motif is never just four notes. There is always a duality. The first four notes are followed by a pause as though Beethoven is catching his breath. There is always a question and an answer. . As Beethoven didn't have long themes, there is a great deal of variation in the way the music is performed. There is always starting and stopping. The interpretation leads to many different feelings and timbres. In the first recording, the pause between the question and the answer is much longer and has much more of an effect. The strings answer again as though the water is flowing There are the hunting horns and the strings are the birds in the trees. In choosing the two recordings, there was as much as ninety seconds to two minutes in variation of time. Toscanini performed it as though it was a melodious first movement when the strings were playing. When the French horns blasted, they didn't act as hunting horns. There was a difference in each orchestra in the way the brass performed. He did not have the effect of the question and answering. Sometimes the strings rushed. ...
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