Frank Sinatra's Contribution to Elevating Las Vegas to its Current Status

Frank Sinatra
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David Zaremba American Popular Song Introduction to Final Paper 15 April 2012 Frank Sinatra’s Contribution to Elevating Las Vegas to its Current Status This paper examines Frank Sinatra’s influence in shaping the history of Las Vegas, a nondescript town in Nevada during the early twentieth century, which has become an enigmatic metropolitan in the present day, bustling with activity.


His professional career as musician spans over 60 years throughout which he has displayed a “remarkable ability to maintain his appeal and pursue his musical goals despite often countervailing trends” (Sinatra). However, his biggest contributions came in the state of Nevada, the city of Las Vegas. When Vegas was not the glamorous metropolis in the desert it is today, early casinos such as the Sahara and The Desert Inn relied on the star power of their headlining performers to bring guests into their door. However, mainly it is Frank Sinatra’s fabulous and captivating songs hits such as “Summer Wind” and “My Way,” with his irrefutable talent and ability to mesmerize an audience, which has led to Las Vegas’ enviable rise to fame. The legend was brought up in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he attended Demarest High School. After his graduation, he enrolled for journalism classes and later became a cub sports reporter. His mother, with her domineering and stubborn nature, encouraged him to sing in a band. Subsequently, after a while, she got him a job, which would broadcast his talents through the WNEW station. He married Nancy Barbato in 1939 and had three children with her. ...
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