Beethoven Hearing Loss May Have Shaped Transition in His Musical Styles

Beethoven Hearing Loss May Have Shaped Transition in His Musical Styles Essay example
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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Beethoven Hearing Loss may have shaped transition in his Musical Styles A composer of Romantic and Classical Periods, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn, Germany. Until today, he is known as the composer of Romantic and classical periods.


His works are different than any of the previous composers of his time via the formation of extended, architectonic, large forms differentiated by the exclusive development of motifs, themes, and musical materials, particularly by way of “modulation”, that is, an alteration in the sensation of home key, via a diversification of harmonic or keys regions. A great musician, an expert of almost anything, Beethoven composed thirty two sonatas in only just the years between 1792 and 1822. This time period was a time when Classical period was moving towards Romantic period. Beethoven’s music paralleled the concurrent development of the new idea in the literature, a form of literary emphasized on the expansion of one or more individuals through complicated circumstances of life, and of the contemporary nature of the idealism of Germans’ philosophy, spirit, mind that unfolds via an intricate procedure of challenges between the objective and subjective up till a synthesis or resolution happens in the scenario when all of these challenges and expansion phases have been included in a advanced harmony. (Mann, 2011) He was sent by his instructor to Vienna where he took lessons from Mozart. Mozart was an inspirer of Beethoven’s talent and abilities. ...
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