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Culture Study Neo-Nazi Music Culture Table of Contents Introduction 3 Neo-Nazi Cultural Overview 3 Historical Movement 4 Good and Bad side of the Neo-Nazi Culture 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Bibliography 10 Introduction The report will signify the ground that facilitated the neo-Nazi music cultural along with the historical movement of the culture involved in a number of countries in central and Western Europe to prosper.


Neo-Nazi Cultural Overview The emergence of the neo-Nazi music in England took place in the year 1970s with the concert which was titled as ‘Rock against Racism’. Followed by this concert, the array of racists who were involved with the neo-Nazi skinheads was identified to be ‘Rock against Communism’ (RAC). The musical concert was intimately involved with the encouragement of the nationalist neo-Nazis, racists and socially unrest themes with the intention to continue succession and thus imbibe such beliefs within the young generation (Jewish Virtual Library, 2012). The concepts of the music culture which intentionally generated as a moral panic had been considered with the obligation of the neo-Nazi culture that is currently being pursued by the young population. This moral panic involved with its categorisation of races, social groups and communities by the feeling of anxiety and emotional energy concerning the perceived values and beliefs that was typically focused during the music concert (Shayovitz, 2011). ...
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