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Concert Report; Smokey Robinson Smokey Robinson’s concert that was held at the NYCB Theater was a significant event to me as fan of his music and a music student. Although my main objective of attending the concert was academic, I was greatly influenced by the love that I have for his music.


The NYCB Theater is among the top music theaters in New York City. Being among the most famous venues for music festivals in the country, the NYCB Theater was in a good position to host the Smokey Robinson’s concert in New York. Firstly, the theater is more spacious than most music theaters in the US. This indicates that the NYCB Theater was the only theater capable of hosting an event of such a caliber as the Smokey concert. Smokey Robinson has many fans from within New York City and other major cities across the country. The attendance at the theater clearly demonstrated how Smokey Robinson is popular among his followers. The attendance of his show proved that R&B music is still popular among American despite previous claims that R&B song are losing ground to other music genres such as hip hop. This is due to the number R&B stars that are currently switching to hip-hop and rock music. Major R&B singers such as Whitney Houston have redone some of their songs in hip-hop in order to incorporate the preferences of the American society. The concert proved to me that R&B music still has many fans within the country. Musial theater performance is not like any other performance. I had previously come across this fact through my studies on theater and performances. ...
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