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Concert Crticism

In this performance, the dynamics were not difficult to project especially to the audience. Alternatively, the crescendos in the opera served to shape some of the phrases effectively. During the first movement of the orchestra, the fortissimo was well coordinated. However, this does not mean that everything was perfect because at the beginning of the reflections, there was a bit of struggle by the orchestra and the dynamics failed to come out properly (Mitzen, 2013).
Symphony orchestra in most cases displays high standards of techniques and in some cases; it can be difficult to play the orchestra. Puccini’s achingly beautiful score was quite an impressive one. However, there was a lot of difficulties in playing the Mozart in that the symphony orchestra was challenging especially when it came to putting it together in order to play it. The performer in this case struggled a lot because high levels of energy were needed. However, when the performer finally managed to do that, there were high levels of musicality on the stage. In doing her performance, Renée Fleming was able to give a performance, which was captivating, and this was evident by the unending applause for the audience. In as much as her performance was perfect, there were various derailleurs throughout the performance. During the beginning of the performance, her voice was shaky whereas the violinist tended to lag behind especially during the fast runs. Additionally, the entire orchestra kept dragging behind by varying degrees by ending the Allegro. The development of the Presto was not quite efficient and this lead to various variations (Snigurowicz, 1992). ...
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The 2013/14 symphony Nova Scotia concert season was a successful one in terms of the standards required of a classical music concert. From the concert, it is quite evident that the symphony orchestra practiced extra hard something which the entire performance illustrated. …
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