Steelband Music in Trinidad and Tobago

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name of institute Steelband Music in Trinidad and Tobago Tracing the journey of the Steel Drum through time Name of Author [Pick the date] Contents The Definition of Music: 3 The Culture of Music: Drumming 3 The Origin and Evolution of the Steel Drum: an essential component of Caribbean Music 4 Musical History of Trinidad and Tobago: 5 The Steel Band Movement: 6 The Connection of the Steel Band with Sunday Carnival and Emancipation Day Celebration: 8 Changes in the Repertoire and in the Instruments 9 Recent Developments of Steel Bands: 10 Conclusion: 11 Works Cited 12 The Definition of Music: Music is defined as an artist’s expression of life’s experiences, his realisations, feelings rela


Music as a consequence of its intrinsic linkage with a period in history of a place, socio-economic status of its people, is categorised into different genres based on the race and class of people. It is a subjective, shared mental conduct by an aggregation that sometimes defines a community’s boundaries (Aho 1). It is a social phenomenon painting a picture of the society, its practices, beliefs, values, traditions and other minute details of its life style. Music of a particular region and era contains vital information about the thoughts and beliefs of its people. The Culture of Music: Drumming Drumming is considered an integral part of culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Located off the south eastern coast of North America close to the Bahamas in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago’s musical history dates back to the years of its rule by the British and Spaniards. Music was used as a channel of self expression and a means of social and intellectual liberation. ...
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