Music Technology - Sound Design for the Moving Image

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Music Technology- Sound Design for Movies Table of Contents Introduction 3 Sound Design 3 Technology and Sound Design in Movies 7 References 12 Introduction This paper proposes to undertake a review o the literature on creative sound design en route to proposing a study to determine the ways that Internet and technology in general has come to impact the craft, and what further advances in technology may mean for the practice of creative sound design, with focus on creative sound design for the film industry (Thom 1999; Thom n.d.; Katz 1997; Jarrett n.d.; Buskin n.d.).


Sound design has to do with pulling together the different elements of a movie, for instance, and the term itself is an offshoot of work that was done by Walter Murch, who revolutionized the field starting from his work with Francis Ford Copolla in the 1970's, and in particular the work 'Apocalyse Now'. The movies are said to be the wellspring of the discipline, and as Copolla and Murch actually made use of sound, sound design was about undertaking total responsibility for the entire track of audio for a film- dialogue, the sound effects employed, and the recording and repeat recording of the movie's ultimate track. Fast forward to the present, and creative sound design has come to be differentiated from a host of associated film sound disciplines, including sound editing, which is differentiated from sound design precisely by the element of creativity that has come to be associated with those who primarily create and adapt sound to movies. ...
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