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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Alexander Scriabin The musical talents of Alexander Scriabin have attracted praises for many decades. Scriabin composed and played piano in his own style, thereby contributing to the avant-garde. Scriabin did not only entertain soviet nationals, but also music lovers across the world.


The paper seeks to analyse the musical work of Scriabin focusing on his contribution to changes in music composition and performance. Scriabin Preludes Scriabin music performances are some of the greatest pieces in piano performance. Critics have observed that Scriabin performance of Prelude Op. 11 No. 2 did not reflect the traditional trends in playing notes using piano (Leikin 136). In this piece, Scriabin breaks slurs then mixes non-legato with short motifs or the staccato notes. The old Guard performance does not display any of the above techniques in mixed notes or creating staccato notes to cut short a phrase that should be long. This means that the performance would not only display new techniques, but will create advent of a new genre in piano performance. Some critics have observed that the Scriabin created romantic convention, which enabled the spinning of long musical lines (Leikin 161). It is important to note that the combination that brought the legato notes and staccato notes created new performance in the Prelude Op. The notes make the tonal variation and rhythmic balances different from the Old Guard. Prelude OP. 11 is one of the admired pieces that many other composers have thought of performing because of the great composition that combined various components in music. Scriabin composition borrows its attributes from Beethoven and Mozart. ...
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