Old Guard or Avant-garde?

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Old Guard or Avant-garde Composers not only produce music for their own interests or the interest of their audience but the entire society. This makes every piece of music to belong to a certain era or generation. Due to distinctive characteristics of music belonging to the same era or period, it is possible to trace down a piece of symphony down to its era.


Romantic era musicians also incorporated issues of lifestyle in their musical composition. Music produced during the twentieth century had great influences from past works and creations. The romantic era music is also reflected in such pieces of works. Due to presence of outstanding characteristics, twentieth century music can be categorized as old guard or avant-grade music. Avant grade music is a term used by musicologists to refer to music that is beyond the era in terms of style, audience and use of technology (Griffiths 63). On the other hand old grade music is music that, values the past way of life. Such kind of music preserves or carries along, certain aspect from past musical eras. This essay will therefore investigate Leningrad by Dmitri Shostakovich and Rapsodie negre by Francis Poulenc. The essay will, therefore, classify the two symphonies according to old guard and avant-grade classification. My first favorite symphony by Dmitri Shostakovich is symphony No 7 which is commonly known as Leningrad. Shostakovich composed this masterpiece in 1941 and it was intended for the extremist Russian government. Shostakovich completed this song at the height of World War I and, therefore, his focus was on the issues happening to the society. ...
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