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Country Music is a very famous American music style that emerged from the rural Southern side of the United States in 1920s.


The country music became popular in the world of music in early 1940s in preference to the early term known as the famous ‘hillbilly music’. The term ‘country music’ defines various genres, subgenres and styles (Peterson). a- Hillbilly Music: Hillbilly Music is a specific term used to refer a certain group of people who lives in rural and mountainous (hilly) areas of the Unites States. Hillbilly is closely associated with country music. The term refers to denote the old-country music or bluegrass. Hillbilly boogie was the first musical tune that contained the word, hillbilly. It was composed by Delmore Brothers in the year 1946. However, in early 1920s, several records were composed by another called the Beverly Hillbillies. Many people thought of this term as offensive. Therefore, serious efforts were put in by the artists to erase any misconceptions from the minds of the people. Several other music artists recorded their tunes under this label (Peterson). Example of Hillbilly Music: The country musical composition of String Bean-Hillbilly Music Going Round in 1950 is an excellent musical masterpiece with simple lyrics, country dance performed on acoustic guitar and banjo. The song contains the simple lyrics and simple musical formation that was performed in a simple country background that gives the originality and simplicity of the country music.

b- Bluegrass Music:
Bluegrass Music is another form of American music which is a subgenre of country music. It is a musical composition of different regions such as it contains musical influence of Scotland, Ireland and England’s traditional folk music on the other hand; it has some musical touch of African American compositions due to the combination of few jazz elements. ...
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