Old Guard or Avant-garde?

Old Guard or Avant-garde? Essay example
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Music Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Music In this analysis, it is essential to consider two works of 21st century artists. Avant-garde music will refer to the same that brought new concepts and lead to a change in general composition (Nicholls, 2002). This new influence might have lasted for some time.


Similarly, it builds on the concept whether music followed a trend of a given period. It is essential to utilize examples of successful composers who harnessed an influence in their times. In addition, they have to possess analyzable compositions. In this article, the discussion utilizes two compositions that gained intellectual and public discussion. Therefore, the article utilizes the example of sonatas and interludes by John Cage (Nicholls, 2002). Additionally, the paper shall utilize the example of the rite of spring by Igor Stravinsky (Hill, 2000). It becomes essential to consider other perspectives to a song, apart from its objective analysis, in determining the essence of a composition. John Cage professed radicalism in his compositions through his early years. John Cage had several interests in his pursuit of artistic life. For instance, it is worthy to note that Cage enrolled in a creative writing institution (Bernstein & Hatch, 2001). He later drops out of the same while explaining that the institution utilized few texts in writing. The incident of the creative writing institution was a manifestation of someone who easily got dissatisfied with repeating others’ ideas. At the same time, he respected their creations. In addition, Cage began piano lessons in his childhood days while never declaring that he possessed an interest in the same. ...
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