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Essay example - The Use of Music in Film: "The Queen" and "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy

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The Use of Music in Film: "The Queen" and "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy Essay example
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Music is used in the film in many diverse ways and for an array of purposes and goals. This essay will look at the films The Queen and the trilogy The Lord of the Rings in order to examine and elaborate on the different uses of music in the film. …

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It is an extremely common and fundamental tool and film device which is used almost universally in film to support a range of cinematic and storytelling elements. The use of music and song can help the audience make connections between image and sound; it can help to establish a mood; portray a location in time or place; further the narrative flow; to interpret the psychological states of characters and even to make connections between events and characters in the film. Music is also often used within film to elicit emotion or other reactions from the audience. The use of music in terms of style, form, time, context, tone, pace and emphasis is largely dependent upon the nature of the film such as the genre it falls under, what the message of the film is, what type of audience the film is attempting to appeal to, and the general style of the film.
In the films The Queen and the trilogy The Lord of the Rings, music is used in many ways to support various scenes and to add extra dimensions to characters, plot developments, settings and changes in tone. In The Queen music is used largely to depict character emotions and plot developments due to the genre of the film as a docudrama. In The Lord of the Rings, on the other hand, music is used in similar ways, but the contexts are very different as this film is set in an entirely imaginative and surreal world which is supported by the choice and use of music. Both films use mainly orchestral songs and scores and in The Lord of the Rings in particular, music adds much to the pacing of the film in scenes of high drama and action. The musical scores of each film and the way that they are used reflect the ways in which music is commonly used in film today and the fact that it is such an effective and multi-faceted tool. ...
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