Concert Review: "Ghost the Musical"

Concert Review: "Ghost the Musical" Essay example
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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Concert review The stage performance of the show “Ghost the Musical” is an entertaining and thrilling performance about a couple that is separated from each other by death. One of the couple Sam tries to gets back to her living wife Molly in an intriguing manner.


The film features a couple, Molly and Sam whose story line is adapted from the 1990 hit film ‘The Ghost’. ‘Ghost of the musical’ is about the brutal murder of Sam. With the help of psychic Molly, Sam attempts to communicate to her in order to save her from his murderer. The story of the loss and love remains in the heart of many viewers. The trickery, humor and flashy graphics moves the viewers into tears perhaps more than the original version of the film (Whoopie Goldberg). Sam’s role of love, revenge and comedy encompasses the film that is widely viewed as a movie and not as a stage performance. Paul Kieve gives a stunning illusion by showing how Sam’s body is rising from death. The shaking of wooden materials and the flashy movement of the Sam’s spirit also depicts the major casts of the performance. The illusions of how furniture move by themselves and the evil spirits directed to hell in a red wrath ball-like fire makes the show interesting. The setting of the 1990 depicts the show and instances such as contacts being stored in a book rather than a phone make the show hilarious. The background of the full moon illuminating the scene also balances the show creating a sense of fear in the stage performance. The loving memories of the lovely couple present a highly articulated scheme of work by the artists in terms of flash back. ...
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