Jazz Concert at Easter Washington University

Jazz Concert at Easter Washington University Essay example
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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Concert There is always a difference between listening to a live performance on a compact disk or radio and seeing it physically. I attended a jazz concert at Eastern Washington University. This paper will mainly concentrate on jazz and classical music performance explanations with reference to the concert attended.


This list ensured hthe rhythmical sound of jazz and classical music alternatively. Therefore, the group created an environment that entertained the attendants making some of them stand and dance to the low tone music. On the saxophones or woodwinds were Nick Rice, Max Thew, Jared McFalin, Koelynn Jones and Jacob Lorber. The trumpet part was played by Adam Gaulke, Jbackson Wesley, Tristan Dodson, and Connor Splichal. The trombones were played by Joe Boucher, Luke Brakhman, Luke Manasco, and Nathan Westlund. The band size was medium. One of the singers bared a heavy resemblance to some of the popular ancient jazz legends. He typically resembled Duke Ellington in the way he sang the song. He did the song in a manner that is exactly similar to the way Duke did most of his performances during his days. The dressing attire of the performers was long and white robe like clothes with bright linens at the neck of each performer (Plamondon). The attendance at the concert was beyond what I had imagined or seen in earlier concerts I attended. A large portion of the attendants were young people contrary to my expectation. I have .known young people in my country to be fanatics of popular romantic RnB and Rock music. ...
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