Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands

Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands  Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands The success or failure of accomplishing tasks at home and assignments in college can contribute to either a positive or a negative mental health respectively. As a young student, I have responsibilities that I have to fulfill both in college and at home.


I also have to attend family gatherings during the weekends and holidays. On the other hand, in college, my lecturers expect me to study hard, do assignments and take exams to show that I appreciate my learning process. I also have to take part in co-curriculum activities such as athletics, music and theatre ensembles, student government and language clubs; all these are geared towards enhancing out-of-class experience. However, at times, I can become exhausted and unmotivated because of the amount of workload that I have to attend to, both at home and in college. As much as the college administration wants the students to focus of their studies, they also stress that co-curriculum activities are equally important. Moreover, for that reason, my class timetable includes a co-curricular session in which a student has to participate in at least one mandatory co-curriculum activity; this is according to college policies. In most circumstances, this turns out to be stressful in that I might be having assignments that I am supposed to complete, but taking part in the co-curricular activity eats up my time, and as a result, I do not meet the deadline for the assignment, as I am forced to carry the assignment home. ...
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