The Life of Ray Charles: The Blind Who Sees

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Name Instructor Class 19 July 2012 The Life of Ray Charles: The Blind Who Sees Ray Charles was one of America's finest and most-awarded musicians (“Ray Charles Biography”). He developed soul music in the 1950s by blending rhythm and blues and gospel music (“Charles, Ray”).


Ray Charles Robinson was born on September 23, 1930, in Albany, Georgia. His father, Bailey Robinson, was a mechanic, and his mother, Aretha Robinson, was a sharecropper. The Robinsons transferred to Florida, when Ray was a baby (“Ray Charles Biography”). A tragedy struck Ray’s childhood, when he was four years old. While playing at the front yard with his two-year old brother, George, the latter fell into the washtub (Robinson 128). Ray tried to pull out his brother, but he was too heavy for him (Robinson 128). By the time their mother came, George already drowned (Robinson 128). A year after his brother died, Ray had problems with his eye sight. During mornings, his eyes produced viscous fluid, which glued his eyelids together (Robinson 128). Soon, he complained of pain and heaviness on his eyes, and he had problems with his vision (Robinson 128). By the time Ray was six years old, he went blind, probably from glaucoma (Robinson 128). His mother persevered to instill a strong sense of self-worth in her son. She told him: “You're blind, not stupid. You lost your sight, not your mind” (Robinson 128). Mrs. Robinson taught his son the alphabet, some mathematics, and how to write in print (Robinson 128). When he became blind, she sent him to St. Augustine School for Deaf and Blind Children in Orlando (Robinson 128). ...
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