Explaining Romantic Composers' Enthusiasm for Writing Orchestral Program Music

Explaining Romantic Composers
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Your name Your student number Your unit name Your lecturer's name Romantic composers' enthusiasm for writing orchestral program music Date Romantic composers' enthusiasm for writing orchestral program music Being a specific trend in the whole sphere of art of the 19th century, Romanticism played a significant role in program music development.


Beginning with Romantic trends in the sphere of visual art presented by Caspar, Turner, Constable, Blake, Dahl, and other artists, then embracing literature representatives including Blake, Goethe, Poe, or Hawthorne and philosophers like Fichte and Schelling, Romanticism highlights the problems of human soul, true human nature, individual's perceptions against civilization occupation and overwhelming role of mental abilities. Romantic composers who dealt with program music were not an exclusion from the influence of the indicated new ideas. Being a specific type of professional academic music, program music can be considered as aimed to describe and highlight some particular event or phenomenon of reality. In other words, program music can be named as music which is able to tell a story or paint a picture. Very often a piece of program music can have the whole plot and the scheme of development of an inherent narrative in accordance with a general topic. ...
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