The Role Played by Stringent Laws in Censoring Music in America

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Thesis Statement The important role played by stringent laws in censoring music in America; how it could help in strengthening the morals off the community; how it affects the music industry in terms of sales. Outline I. A brief overview on: A. American music and musicians (Crawford, 2000) B.


An overview on music theory (Hawes, 2001) 3. The definition of a musician (Hahn, n.d.) B. The different genres of music (Thadani, 2010) 1. The most popular music genres and artists in terms of sales and albums (Baker, 2011; Record Industry Association of America, 2006). C. Musician as a profession (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2012; Estrella, n.d.). 1. The pay, work environment, and job description of of musicians (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2012). III. The effects of music to the society (Scruton, 2010; Hanes, 2006) A. Music and its importance in the society (Galindo, 2009; A. Merriam & V. Merriam, 1964) B. How music affects the morals of a society (Lombardi, 1991; Scruton, 2010; Kilpatrick, 1992) IV. The music censorship in America (Fieser, 2008; Green, 2005; Sean, 2010) A. The important terms in the issue of censorship (Fieser, 2008) 1. Definition of censorship (American Civil Liberties Union, 2006) 2. Free expression (American Civil Liberties Union, 2005), and 3. Free speech (Fieser, 2008) B. The law of censorship in America (Fieser, 2008) 1. The creation of the Parental Advisory Label (PAL) (Fieser, 2008) 2. The benchmark for the usage of PAL (Cole, n.d.) 3. The top ten censored songs in America (Performing Songwriter, n.d.) C. The effects of music censorship in America (Fieser, 2008, Lombardi, 1991) 1. The pros and cons of music censorship (Lombardi, 1991; Fieser, 2008) 2. ...
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