The creative work of Tchaikovsky. The Swan Lake:History, Instrumentation and Roles.

The creative work of Tchaikovsky. The Swan Lake:History, Instrumentation and Roles. Term Paper example
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Name of Student Name of Professor Name of Class Date Peter Illych Tchaikovsky and the Swan Lake Ballet 1 Biography and Introduction Piotr Illyitch Tchaikovsky was born May 7, 1840 and died on November 8, 1893. He was born in Kamsko-Votkinsk, Russia (Classical Net).


He used both “nationalistic folk melodies and international elements” (“Pyotr”, Red Balloon Technology, par. 1). Tchaikovsky’s father was a Ukranian mining engineer and his mother was French. Tchaikovsky loved music and began piano lessons at the age of five (“Pyotr”, Red Balloon Technology). His early education, along with his brothers and sisters, was done by a French governess. His parents took him to concerts which made his love of music grow stronger (Encyclopedia of World Biography). At age four, he and his sister composed a song for their mother. Though Tchaikovsky was very devoted to his mother, she died when he was 14; he was devastated by her death (Encyclopedia of World Biography). After his mother died, Tchaikovsky was sent to a military boarding school. This was a cruel experience for him, so he withdrew into his music (DiSilvio, par. 2). While listening to music, he heard Don Giovanni, a work by Mozart and he decided to devote himself to music (DiSilvio, par. 2). On the practical side, Tchaikovsky went to St. Petersburg, Russia to study law and continue his music lessons. He also began to compose music. He graduated at age 19 and took his first job as a bureau clerk (Encyclopedia of World Biography). He did not like this job because he was more interested in music. While working at this job, he was introduced to Anton and Nikolai Rubenstein, who were composers. ...
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