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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# The Whale The Animal The whale is the largest variety of mammal that is extent on this planet. As such, its sheer size coupled with the environment with which it lives provides the animal a unique relationship with the environment and the habitat with which it lives.


Oftentimes this methodical rise and descent is accented by one or two acrobatic flips into the ocean air. Instrument + Range Although difficult to express the range of actions and shades of feelings, for this particular animal and the actions it undertakes in a given day I believe a bass violin would be the best instrument to suit this purpose. In this way the low bass would symbolize the size and strength of the animal whereas the higher tenor sounds that could be generated along the upper reaches of the fingerboard could help to symbolize the shades of meaning, and thrill that the animal must feel when it rises to the surface and/or jumps into the ocean air. Musical Dynamics Not surprisingly, the musical style must take on the dynamics of power, suspense, and thrill in order to accurately represent the actions of the cheetah. As such, the best model with which to do all of these things would be that of the classical symphony. The style and musical presence that could be provided would be sufficient to paint the mood and the strength that the animal engenders. Although some might consider the dynamics to necessarily be mundane due to the fact that the animal is not one of a great deal of action; however, this could be countered by the magnificence and power that the animal displays in all of its movements. ...
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