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Name Professor Course Date Gustave Mahler Gustav Mahler was a romantic Australian composer born in eastern Bohemia; on July 7 1860. He came from a humble background. Mahler’s grandmother was a street peddler. The composer’s family was part of a Germany-speaking minority among the Bohemians (Fischer 11)…


As young as four years old, Mahler discovered his grandparent’s piano which he adopted immediately. He developed skills immediately and gave his first public performance when he was ten years old. Academically the teachers said he was slow, and most of the time absent minded. Even after being transferred, he made no improvement leading to his return to the town of Iglau. He suffered the loss of his younger brother Ernst in 1874, who passed on after a long illness. He sought music to express his feelings. Josef Steiner was the friend that assisted him to work on an opera (Littlewood 11). Mahler’s father was supportive of his son’s music ambitions and talent, thus he agreed to take him to Vienna conservatory where he auditioned, and was admitted in 1875-1876 (Mitchell 5). He was a good pianist and he won a number of awards in his first two years. The final years in the school, he advocated in learning about composition and harmony under Robert Fuchs and Frank Krenn. Nonetheless, only few of his student’s composition survived the rest he abandoned them after discovering they were not satisfactory. In 1878, he left conservatory with a diploma he then joined Vienna University and pursued courses, which mirrored his developing interests in literature and philosophy. ...
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