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Music Labels and the Work they do: Focus on Big Scary Monsters Recording Company Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Record Labels 3 2.1 The Music Label 3 2.2 The Independent Music Label 4 3. Big Scary Monsters Recording Company 4 3.1 The Company 4 3.2 The Music 5 3.3 The Bands 6 4…


Music is an art, but it is the business of music that provides access to that art. Technology, marketing, and relationships are the tools of the record label as it creates a connection between the artist and the public. An artist who accomplishes their work through simple means of just developing the song and playing the chords will never fully have the opportunity to have that music mean anything. The art of music happens between the musician and the listener, and without either side, the artistry does not truly exist. The lubricant between the musician and the listener is the music label that opens the door between them so that the art can happen. One of the music labels that have emerged as an independent label is Big Scary Monsters Recording Company. This UK label has been responsible for releasing the works of artists such as Andrew WK, Get Cape Wear Cap Fly, and Kevin Devine. One of the advantages of an independent label is that while it is interested in profits and business, its lower overhead and less intensive position in the music industry allows it to support lesser known artists (Baskerville 2006: 54). As an independent record label that has gained some momentum, Big Scary Monsters is in a position to promote lesser music artists while still generating revenue enough to support their promotion. 2. ...
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