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A Discussion on the Rights of Musicians in a Share of the Success of their Recordings Table of Contents Abstract 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Defining Music 4 3. Music and Business 5 3.1 Composition 6 3.2 Copyright 7 4. Conclusion 8 Bibliography 8 Abstract Music is the result of a complex process in which roles are not always clearly defined.


A Discussion on the Rights of Musicians in a Share of the Success of their Recordings 1. Introduction Musicians are artists that are mostly hard working and unacknowledged. Making money with music is not an easy road. The way for any business to make money is through volume and this is no different in the music industry. Volume comes when one recording is sold repeatedly so that the money accumulates and makes the people who created and own the music money from its sales. What typically happens, however, is that those with the power ‘buy out’ the rights to what a musician plays so that they do not get paid for every use of the recording that is paid for by one entity or another. Musicians with power will continue to own their rights, but those who are hired for short term of only for the period of time to make a recording are bought out so that the re-sale of the music is not limited by a large body of ‘partners’ who all have rights to be paid (Harrison 2011, p. 232). There was a time when even the artists were not included in the group who was paid on the return of selling the music. Paul McCartney can attest to the pain of that as he saw his entire catalogue of music sold to Michael Jackson after sharing with him that it was going up for sale. ...
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