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Name Professor Course Date (2) A historical survey of a particular instrument’s use in a style or genre of African American music; The Saxophone in Jazz Music Introduction Since the onset of the 20th century, Jazz music has played an immense role in the African American music industry.


However, all these exemplary performance owed their success to one common instrument; the saxophone. The saxophone has been billed as one the most magnificent instruments known to man with unrestricted possibilities. Evidently, among the ardent fans of Jazz music, the saxophone epitomizes jazz music. The saxophone’s unique nature and unlimited possibilities lie in its ability to use a variety of modes in expressing the performers’ soul. To this end, the sax fusion of woodwind and brass exhibited an ecstatic vibrato during performance by the great luminaries of Jazz music. Clearly, in tracing the historical origin of the saxophone requires an in depth knowledge of its inventor and its subsequent conquest over jazz music in tandem with the pioneer performers. Invention of the Saxophone The invention of the saxophone is credited to a Belgian by the name, Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax (Koenig 294). Adolphe was born on 6th November 1814 and gained interest in musical interest from his father Charles (Koenig 294). Adolphe’s father was a professional craftsman of musical instruments. To this end, Adolphe became an expert craftsman of musical instruments when he was just six years old. Some of his notable specimens included clarinets and flutes. ...
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