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Student name Tutor name Course name Date Analysis of Self Composed Lyrics: My Valentine Baby In this paper, the song “My Valentine Baby”, a self composition romantic blues song is to be analysed. The song is a romantic blues song because it is praising a loved lady.


This is followed by a request, which shows that the speaker is down and ready to prostrate to her girlfriend as he asks “Shall I go down and bow, baby?” As a romantic song, the speaker goes on to praise his loved one, using romantic terms, descriptions and repetitions. This is a blues song, which doubles the traditional three lines to six lines in every stanza. The last line is a form of a question and the response is provided at the end of the song in a series of derivative three lines answer. The question repeated is ‘Shall I go down and bow, baby?” and at the end of the song, the speaker appears to have reached the end and resolves to answer his question because the referred and revered ‘baby’ seems to have answered in her acceptance and he derives; Shall I go down and bow, baby? I shall go down and bow, baby I am down and bowing baby Oh baby baby make you stay Baby ah baby oh baby I’m done! The pattern of this song is AbcdeB, AfghiB… and so on, with the first line and the last lines repeated. This pattern is regular and the blues lyrics have concentrated on the theme of love as the speaker tries to show his affection to his goddess, the valentine. The description of the ‘baby’ by the speaker is marked by repetitions. These repetitions are regular, and they make the rhythm of the song regular. ...
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